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Jan LagewegJan Lageweg
16:36 13 May 24
I called on Friday afternoon at 3 p.m. for information about renovation of doors and panels. 1.5 hours later Mehmet showed up on the sidewalk. He had examples of designs and colors with him. We discussed our wishes. Mehmet immediately made a quote that suited us. Mehmet indicated that the delivery time was approximately 4 weeks. The job was completed within 3 weeks of signing the quotation. Mehmet works neatly and the result exceeds expectations. We have a like-new kitchen that will last for years to come.
Marga van der BasMarga van der Bas
20:43 02 May 24
Mr. Karatas expertly fitted our kitchen with new doors and installed the new equipment. All this in one day. There were only four weeks between the quotation and installation. Very happy with the end result. This kitchen can last for years to come!
Marianne OvertoomMarianne Overtoom
12:15 24 Apr 24
We also had our kitchen renovated by Mr. Karatas.It turned out beautiful. Truly a professional. We are very satisfied and can certainly recommend this gentleman.Good advice, professional, hard worker, pleasant to deal with, fast service and keeps appointments.Thank you very much Mr. Karatas.
Joke WaaijenborgJoke Waaijenborg
11:17 12 Apr 24
A very good kitchen technician for whom nothing is too much and willing to do everything for you. My experience with several kitchen technicians does not have the service as this technician, one with golden hands and a golden heart for the profession.
Wim WalbeekWim Walbeek
17:20 08 Apr 24
Our kitchen was renovated in 1 day, it has become a new kitchen. Mehmet did it to our satisfaction. He gets a big 10 from us. Highly recommended if you are ready for a new kitchen.
Our kitchen was renovated on Thursday and FridayView of new doors, ceramic hob and new sink with tap.Real craftsmanship! A beautiful new kitchen renovated by a nice Mr. Karat, highly recommendedThanks again
Cynthia KapteijnCynthia Kapteijn
14:04 20 Jan 24
Last Tuesday our kitchen was renovated by this company. All I can say is that it is really worth the 5 stars and I would give more if there were more! He really transformed our kitchen like new. A very friendly hardworking man, he was completely finished in 2 days! He even helped carry our refrigerator. The quality of the kitchen is also really good! And especially for the price! If we do move in the future, this company, this man, will be the first person we call for a beautiful kitchen renovation! Thanks top.Now just polish the countertop and renovate the wall and the kitchen is really finished!Greetings Cynthia and Sven
Peter van StrijbosPeter van Strijbos
21:48 20 Nov 23
Mr. Karatas did a great job.Came quickly and provided a quote on the spot for replacing our kitchen doors and drawer fronts. He had models and color samples with him and gave good advice. After we had given approval, he immediately measured everything and gave a reasonable delivery time of approximately 5 weeks. After just 3 weeks he called that the doors were ready (super fast!) and 3 days later he came to install them. The bores for the hinges were copied on site from the old doors. Everything was in perfect order and the job was completed after one day of work.Highly recommended if you are satisfied with the layout of your kitchen but want to give it a different look.
Erlis ThemeliErlis Themeli
01:51 13 Jul 21
I contacted them to ask for an offer, but they never replied. I received the confirmation that my request was received. At least they could have said they are busy.
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